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The Professional Liability Defense Federation™ is a not-for-profit organization designed to bring together attorneys, claims professionals and risk management specialists to share expertise and information helpful to the successful defense of professional liability claims.

Malpractice claims affecting different professions often present common procedural rule and substantive law elements. Although standard of care evidence differs among the professions, skills learned in the defense of one profession are often transferable to others.  PLDF’s goal is to harness this expertise in one organization devoted solely to improving the management and defense of professional liability claims. To accomplish its mission PLDF publishes the journal Professional Liability Defense Quarterly, sponsors an annual meeting offering valuable law development seminars and member connection opportunities, offers amicus support in important appellate proceedings, produces news summaries of national malpractice case developments, and facilitates confidential communications among members. 



Officers elected to leadership in Professional Liability Defense Federation at the 2015 Annual Meeting of Professional Liability Defense Federation at Chicago, Illinois, include:

President: Jonathan S. Ziss, Esq., Goldberg Segalla LLP, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Vice President: Erik P. Crep, Esq., Wicker Smith O'Hara McCoy & Ford, P.A., Miami, Florida; Secretary: Sheila M. Burke, Esq., Burke, Cromer, Cremonese LLC, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Treasurer: Jennifer K. Saunders, Esq., Haight Brown & Bonesteel, LLP, Los Angeles, California.

In addition to the officers, new members of the Board of Directors of PLDF elected at the 2015 Annual Meeting include Mark V. Gende, Esq. of Sweeny Wingate & Barrow, P.A., Columbia, South Carolina; Jason R. Jobe, Esq. of Thompson Coe Cousins & Irons LLP of Dallas, Texas; and Walter J. Price, III, Esq. of Huie Fernambucq & Stewart, LLP in Birmingham, Alabama.  Christopher B. Block, Esq. of Marshall Dennehey Warner Coleman & Goggin P.C. of Roseland, New Jersey was named to a new position, Director of Membership Development, and serves as an ex officio member of the Board.

We thank the presenters at the 2015 PLDF Annual Meeting including Mark V. Gende, Esq., Bricker S. Daughtry, Esq., and Donna Livingston, R.N. (Defense of Hospitalist Claims); Donald Patrick Eckler, Esq., Kelly S. Geary, Esq., and Martin Terpstra, CPA (Defense of Accountant Claims); Stuart T. O'Neil, Esq. and Anthony S. Cottrone, Esq. (Defense of Cyber Liability Claims); Marisa L. Combs, Esq., J. Dale Crow, Esq., and Brett Stewart, Esq.  (Law Firm/Client Succession Planning); Jennifer L. Hamilton, Esq., Traci S. Lagasse, Esq. and Guy Hollingsworth, Claims Manager (Defense of Design Professional Claims); Richard Burton Bush, Esq., Dennis L. Galvin, Esq., and Kim Noble, Esq. (Defense of LPL Claims); Jason R. Jobe, Esq., Caryn M. Silverman, Esq., and Tracy L. Tucker, Esq. (Counsel/Adjuster Collaboration and Communication); Dove A.E. Burns, Esq., Nicole H. Waid, Esq., and Robert J. Cap, Esq. (Defense of EPL Claims), and Glen R. Olson, Esq., Deborah Bjes, Esq., and Gawain Charlton-Perrin, Esq. (Ethics and Privileged Communications in LPL Claims).     

Professional Liability Defense Federation is pleased that the Minnesota Supreme Court reversed the state's court of appeals in a ruling on whether plaintiff sufficiently disclosed expert opinions in an attempt to comply with the state's statutory affidavit of merit requirements.  In Guzick v. Kimball, 2015 WL 5123605 (Minn. 2015) the court held the trial court got it right when it dismissed the legal malpractice case on grounds the disclosure was not meaningful.  PLDF filed an amicus brief with the court supporting the trial court's decision.     

The Summer 2015 issue of Professional Liability Defense Quarterly has been published.  Walter J. Price, III, Esq.  has written of defense of shoulder dystocia claims.  Stephen B. Sambol, Esq. of Mateer Harbert evaluates malpractice claims affecting computer/IT professionals.  Brian E. Gagan, CPCU offers analysis of insurance broker standards of care.  Donald Patrick Eckler, Esq., of Pretzel & Stouffer, Chartered and Bridget Choi, Esq. of Endurance Services write on duties owed by captive insurance agents. Richard Burton Bush, Esq. and Audra Michelle Bryant, Esq. of Bush & Augspurger, P.A. write on the "unfinished business" rule in LPL claims.  Jonathan S. Ziss, Esq. of Goldberg Segalla delivers his President's Message.  







Seminar details and registration information will be available in the spring.  We promise another exceptional value in substantive law presentations and networking events.  Please calendar it!




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